What is MVMNT for Athletes?

"Movement" for Athletes is the only online yoga video service dedicated to runners to help maximize performance, prevent injury and recover faster. Our ultimate goal is to help assist in keeping you healthy and running for as long as you enjoy the sport.

Who is MVMNT for Athletes for?

MVMNT for Athletes was created specifically as a movement-practice for all runners from ultra-runners to short-distance run/walkers. However, anybody can benefit especially people who move in a consistent back-and-forth motion such as walkers/power-walkers, cyclists and office workers (and other people who sit often). Other sports that involve running will also find these videos helpful, although not comprehensive.

What do I get when I sign up?

After subscribing and paying you will get unlimited access to all programs and videos which are compatible for all devices. Subscirptions are renewed automatically each month. You can cancel at any time with the click of a button. The videos are also available to purchase as an hour-long rental if you are not ready to commit to the subscription.

What kind of props or other yoga products do I need?

You just need yourself! But in order to be as comfortable as possible there are some other things that might be helpful:
-A yoga mat to help cushion your joints, and avoid slipping and sliding (you don't need anything fancy!)
-A strap to assist in movements and get deeper into stretches (you can also use a Thera-Band, belt or scarf)
-A block to help prop, lean against and balance with (you can also use a stack of books, small step stool, bench or chair)
-A folded blanket or something similar as needed for additional cushioning (a hoodie, sweatshirt or pillow will also work)

How does MVMNT for Athletes help to improve my running?

Running requires repeatedly moving the same way, and often runners don't move much outside this constant backward-and-forward movement (for instance sitting, walking, riding a bike). This program was created to help runner's move their bodies in different ways than they normally do which will improve whole-body health and help prevent injuries. MVMNT for Athletes focuses on building strength in underused muscle groups and building strength in the most important muscles needed for running performance. We use active and static stretching to help alleviate tight muscles, improve range of motion for smoother and pain-free running, and recover faster by improving blood flow and removing lactic acid buildup. A consistent MVMNT for Athletes routine will help encourage better posture for better breathing and running efficiency.

What is the difference between traditional yoga and the sport-specific videos on MVMNT for Athletes?

The biggest difference is that MVMNT for Athletes does not use Sanskrit. Each video and lesson plan are carefully created with the runner in mind and only includes movements that apply to runners. Many of the videos are not taught as a “flow” that is often found in traditional instruction, but is more a-la-carte with a focus on techniques that are appropriate for runners. This creates a two-fold effect helping runners to not waste time doing movements that don't directly apply to them, and it can cut down on the amount of time they need to practice to feel the benefits.

When should I do the videos on MVMNT for Athletes?

Each video specifies an ideal practice time within a training schedule so you know in advance when it's appropriate to practice. The classes categorized under "Performance" are more dynamic and best for active rest days or cross-training. The classes categorized under "Recovery" include more static stretching and are best for after training or racing to restore your body and mind so you can run and feel your best.

What if I want to target a specific muscle group?

There are short videos that address specific problem areas. However, it is important to realize that the entire body is connected and if you're having problems in one area it is probably due to compensating for an imbalance within your body. Due to this it is best to practice a variety of videos on MVMNT for Athletes as consistently as your training schedule allows so that your whole body gets the attention it needs to help prevent these imbalances. Cross-training in variety of ways is recommended!

How long are the videos?

Most of the videos are less than thirty minutes. Videos are as short as 2 minutes and the longest is just over 30 minutes.

How often should I do the videos?

It is completely up to you and how much time you have to commit. We recommend being as consistent about practicing as possible. Just like managing your time to fit a run into your schedule, it is best to manage time for cross-training too. The more often you practice, the faster you'll benefit and more you’ll feel the results.

Who is the instructor?

The founder of MVMNT for Athletes and instructor of each video is Melissa Marienau, a certified Yoga Sports Coach™. The role of a Yoga Sports Coach™ is to apply the benefits of sport-specific yoga appropriately for athletes and to bridge the gap between yoga and sport. Melissa is a passionate movement enthusiast and has identified as a runner since her first introduction into the sport of Track and Field nearly twenty years ago. Melissa has been teaching and coaching a variety of sports for more than a decade.

What kind of training certification does the instructor have?

Melissa is a certified Yoga Sports Coach™ through The Institute of Yoga Sports Science® which is the only organization worldwide that actively researches the benefits of yoga to improve athletic performance and prevent injury. Melissa started her training in May 2013, and graduated as a qualified Yoga Sport Coach™ in February 2014. Learn more about the company, The Institute of Yoga Sports Science®.