The programs on MVMNT for Athletes are meant to be integrated into your running training and done in conjuction with other cross-training. During the beginning of training, easy days and off-season your training can be more dynamic which is provided by the "Performance" programs. During more difficult days of training when you're in season and doing more high volume your MVMNT for Athletes practice should be more restorative which is provided by the "Recovery" programs. 



How to Use Progams with Your Training Plan 

Performance                Recovery
Off-days              Intervals/hills/sprints/speedwork
Tempo runs              Tempo runs
Easy-runs              Recovery days
Cross-train              Long-runs



Beginning of Training

Focus on Performance Programs since your mileage will be lower and training won't be as intense.


Peak of Training

Focus more on Recovery Programs since mileage will be higher and your training will be more intense. 



Focus on Recovery Programs; Peformance Programs can be done earlier in the taper, but should be done sparingly as you near closer to race day.


Race Week

A Performance Program can be done at the beginning of the week, but focus on Recovery Programs and restorative videos as you get closer to race day. 


After Racing

The day after racing do a Recovery Program.


Consistency is key. Don't be afraid to repeat videos, especially if this is your first introduction into yoga.